Earthworks Submission on the UNEA-4 Mineral Resource Governance Resolution

September 9, 2020

Mine proposals that include marine waste dumping

August 31, 2020

La injusticia minera a través del arbitraje internacional

August 24, 2020 • Earthworks * Institute for Policy Studies

Mining Injustice Through International Arbitration

August 24, 2020 • Earthworks * Institute for Policy Studies

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Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management Scorecard

August 5, 2020

Comments on Proposed Rulemaking in Pennsylvania – Control of VOC Emissions from Oil and Natural Gas Sources (Regulation #7-544)

July 28, 2020

Contextualizing Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Samples of Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Activities in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas

July 23, 2020

Loud and Clear: What public regulatory complaints reveal about Pennsylvania’s oversight of oil and gas pollution and whom it serves

July 22, 2020 • Nadia Steinzor, Leann Leiter, Raphael Breit