Hardrock Reclamation Bonding Practices in the Western United States

February 1, 2000 • James R. Kuipers, PE

The total, potential reclamation bonding liability of all the western states presently exceeds one billion dollars.

Gold At What Price

February 1, 2000

Since the U.S. holds the largest reserve of gold in the world, the U.S. stands to lose the most if other governments sell first.

TRI Toolkit

January 1, 2000

Mineral Policy Center Citizen’s Guide

MPC News — winter 2000

January 1, 2000 • EARTHWORKS staff

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Six Mines, Six Mishaps

September 1, 1999

SIX MINES, SIX MISHAPS, demonstrates that there are still too many loopholes and gaps in BLM mining regulations. The results are troubling because today’s mines are massive operations thatuse dangerous processing chemicals, and have the potential to become major pollution problems. When something goes wrong at one of these mines, it is the public’s land, water, and wildlife resources that are impacted.

14 Steps to Sustainability

July 1, 1999 • Krista Dahlberg

MPC News — winter 1999

January 1, 1999

Cyanide Uncertainties

January 1, 1998 • Robert Moran, PhD