We made the ground shake in Austin!

January 24, 2014 • Sharon Wilson

A bus load of Texans made the ground shake in Austin this week.

And I’m still shaking! Their dedication to helping others and protecting our communities, homes and children is truly inspiring.

More than 50 Texans from North Texas (the area around Azle) took time off from work and school, woke up at 3am and sat on a bus for eight hours to tell our government officials we need immediate action to stop fracking related earthquakes.

Fracking ‘soap’ is hazardous to your health

December 6, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

This week residents in Mansfield, Texas were alarmed by a shower of foam that “shot back up the hole” of the too-close-to-their-homes EagleRidge Energy (EagleRidge) gas well. The foam hung in trees and covered their yards for hours.

EagleRidge said the foam was industrial soap used as a lubricant. Mansfield firefighters tested it and “found nothing toxic.” The residents should request MSDS sheets.

At least they didn’t say it was Dove Soap, as other fracking industry representatives have done.

When government fails, people near fracking are left with few choices

October 18, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

When fracking happens there are documented impacts to people and the environment:.

  • Federal government has both failed to respond and has actively walked away from these impacts.
  • State regulators are guilty of malfeasance.
  • Documentation of harm is denied and kept secret.

This pattern repeats itself all across the United States and the globe.

EagleRidge ignores fracking worker safety

October 16, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

We already know that EagleRidge is a terrible neighbor!

  1. An EagleRidge Operating worker was indicted in June 2012 on a felony charge of illegally dumping. City employees visiting the company’s well site in the 3100 block of Airport Road found a pump forcing contaminated water into a tributary of Hickory Creek. LINK
  2. EagleRidge was operating wells in Denton without a permit. LINK
  3. EagleRidge had a blowout in Denton that got "sanitized." LINK But it didn't stay "sanitized." LINK
  4. EagleRidge is drilling in a Denton neighborhood less than 200 feet from homes.
  5. EagleRidge is drilling in Mansfield and polluting air, violating sound ordinances and dividing neighbors. LINK

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More flammable water near Range Resources’ Parker County fracking well

July 12, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

I know you will be shocked, Dear Readers, but according to a new report by WFAA’s Brett Shipp (see video below), the Texas Railroad Commission did not apply its own Statewide Rule 13 in the Range Resources water contamination case in Parker County. They also ignored in their court hearing a violation they issued to Range.

For some background on this case, see. “…I told you so.” Also, the Court of Appeals recently sent the SLAPP suit Range filed against the Lipskys back for “abatement” but industry trade groups continue to ignore this new ruling linking instead to the district court rulings by the now disgraced Judge Trey Loftin.

Did this Range Resources VP lie under oath

March 25, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

Back in the Dark Ages, I took Legal and Social Issues in Business at Texas Christian University. I consistently received the highest grades in the class, wrecked the curve and got an A. I dig that stuff. Then I got pregnant with my first son, which kept me out of night school for a long time.

Much later, I was certified to serve as a court appointed mediator a fact that seemed to bewilder Andy Sims, attorney for Range Resources, who deposed me. He clearly did not believe me so I am providing a photo.

No exaggeration, Promised Land is just the beginning.

January 2, 2013 • Sharon Wilson

The new Matt Damon movie, Promised Land, has top-notch actors, great dialogue, beautiful scenery and a plot twist.

I’m thrilled that Hollywood and celebrities have arrived on the fracking scene. I’m grateful that in the process, they’ve shined a light on the fracking skullduggery practiced by many companies. 

But know this: Promised Land is far from an exaggeration.  Rather, the movie merely scratches the surface—just barely—of the predatory mafia-esque tactics used by the fracking industry. 

They could make a whole new movie, if they chose to include the full range of tactics that fracking companies employ, like threats, intimidation and military PSYOPS in our neighborhoods.  

How do I know? The frackers told me themselves.


Serial fracking polluter Range Resources vows to strike again

January 23, 2012 • Sharon Wilson

It is "abundantly clear" that Range Resources knew about the “angular and nonconforming and unpredictable geology” in Parker County Texas, yet they cut corners and polluted Texas drinking water anyway. Now, Matt Pitzarella, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs has vowed they will strike again.