Advocates to PA legislators: don’t be a copy cat!

March 24, 2017 • Nadia Steinzor

Residents and advocates gathered at the Pennsylvania State Capitol this week with a clear message to legislators: it’s high time to support measures to prevent gas industry pollution, and folly to try and block them. 

Over a year ago, PA Governor Tom Wolf and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rolled out a strategy to reduce methane emissions, emphasizing risks to both health and the climate. But industry efforts to stop broader oil and gas regulations from taking effect delayed any progress on new methane control measures. 

Industry games system, regulators look the other way

March 1, 2017 • Nadia Steinzor

This week, the Trump Administration suggested slashing the budgets of some government agencies, in particular the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Around the same time, Earthworks released an in-depth report on how air pollution can be made worse in the absence of federal law and EPA oversight. 

The report, Permitted to Pollute: How oil and gas operators and regulators exploit clean air protections and put the public at risk, is the result of more than a year of research focusing on three natural gas processing and transmission facilities in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Governing by Injustice in West Virginia

February 27, 2017 • Nadia Steinzor

When elected officials bow and scrape to the oil and gas industry, they often use the false rhetoric of “job killing” and “burdensome” regulations. Last week, the inappropriately-named Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia, didn’t even bother with that smokescreen.

According to investigative coverage by the Charleston Gazette, Gov. Justice recently ordered the Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) to kill a requirement that protects residents from the noise and light caused by oil and gas operations.

To protect Pennsylvanians, Governor Wolf needs to learn an important lesson

November 1, 2016 • Nadia Steinzor

Since the onset of the fracking boom nearly a decade ago, the oil and gas industry has fought to prevent effective state oversight of its Pennsylvania operations. The Marcellus Shale Coalition’s (MSC) current lawsuit to block updated regulations (Chapter 78A) for shale wells is a clear signal that industry has no plans to change its usual, harmful tune.

With state palns in development to cut oil and gas methane pollution, as well as anti-environmental bills in the legislature, Pennsylvanians can only hope that Governor Wolf and legislative leaders have finally learned their lesson: always put the public interest first, and don’t believe industry’s false promises.

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The burning problem of hazardous waste

July 28, 2016 • Nadia Steinzor

Whatever the cause and however extensive, a fire’s sheer destructive power always captures attention. The recent explosion and fire at a New Mexico oil field quickly grabbed headlines with images of roiling flames, thick smoke, and stories of residents forced to evacuate. Concerns remain about air quality, the lack of any evacuation plan, and health as WPX Energy, owner of the site, let the fire burn itself out—releasing toxins into the air in the process.

It’s logical and not that unusual for a drilling site to catch fire; both oil and natural gas are highly combustible and flammable. Yet the photos from the New Mexico fire reveal that several tanks used to store waste were also burning intensely.

Pennsylvania Declares Victory on Oil and Gas Regs While Failing to Protect Residents Health

June 24, 2016 • Nadia Steinzor

Thanks to a bill passed this June by the state legislature, Pennsylvania now has the dubious distinction of being the only state in the nation to abandon oil and gas regulations after they’ve been fully developed and publicly reviewed. While other states have modernized oil and gas oversight in the wake of the shale boom, no other state has exempted a major part of the oil and gas industry in the process.

Fantasy land at the PA legislature

June 14, 2016 • Nadia Steinzor

Once upon a time, Pennsylvania was a place where change seemed possible. New protections for air, water, and health were on the horizon and the hurdles to reach them were being surmounted. 

But then the dark forces of denial and industry influence came sweeping in. Now Pennsylvania is plagued with an assault on environmental protections and clean energy. 

This comes in the form of very bad bills that would derail much needed upgrades to oil and gas regulations, allow large industries to opt out of energy efficiency requirements, and delay air emission reductions. Legislators even want to give themselves more power to block health, safety, and environmental regulations. 

The Trojan Horse departure of PA’s environment secretary

May 26, 2016 • Nadia Steinzor

Late last week, John Quigley, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, abruptly resigned. News reports pointed to a controversial email in which Mr. Quigley angrily demanded that environmental groups more boldly defend proposed oil and gas regulations.

It didn’t take long for some legislators to accuse Mr. Quigley of governmental impropriety. In the meantime, the email controversy continues to generate media stories.